"Bat House isn’t just another psych rock band with trippy material. They’re one of our city’s most invigorating listens, and it all stems from how they work themselves to the bone to create it."



"[Bat House] is an album of luscious excess: dazzling angular hooks, wildly inventive instrumental interludes and punchy stop/start rhythms... Bat House’s approach to music, their liberal use of the musical toolbox, gives this album an element of suspense and surprise.."

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"Nothing says ‘Happy Tuesday’ like a rad video premiere. Tom Tom got the chance to chat with Bat House drummer Nicole Pompei about the band’s new video for their track “Alright, Spaceboy.” Interview here.




"...Bat House create the type of smart rock that draws equal emotion for crowds in both clubs and DIY spaces, and the new LP should elevate their status even higher." 

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 "More than marching to the beat of their own drum; Bat House builds an abode according to their own architectural shape & design where the rogue’s galleries of past, present & future greats are channeled through their own intricate executions. "


"[Bat House] recorded it at Converse’s Rubber Tracks studio in downtown Boston and produced it themselves. Impressed yet? Wait till you hear "Yarn." The song is an intricate rocker that blends psych and indie, and gives another glimpse into the band's bright future."

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"Keep your eyes peeled for more from Bat House and their album that showcases a sound that “falls somewhere between a mellow math rock anthem and a driving, utterly punk-as-f*ck spectacle.”



"By fusing math rock’s atypical rhythmic structures and angular melodies with psych rock’s dreamy, chromatic guitar drawls, Bat House has forged a sophisticated, personal sound."

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With "Yarn," the band's latest song from their upcoming release, they twist their psych and algebraic melodies into a dense latticework of sound and intent...Drawn by the inherent gravity of its arrangements, you can't help but become hopelessly lost in its orbit."


 "The band's sound has a lush, ethereal quality to it that can't be contained and is just yearning to be exposed to everyone at anytime...A promising young Beantown act that you'll want to keep a watchful eye on in the near future."

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